walkie-talkie too

Amanda Young’s report from Sideways

334 kilometers. 1 month of exploration and experimentation. A variety of languages, histories, nationalities, personalities.
The Sideways Festival brought together artists, walkers, wayfarers from around the world. Here is a closer look at a few of the individuals that added to the diversity of Sideways 2012.

1. By what name do you/your project go by in the Sideways Festival?

a. The Great Exchange/Compression
b. Talking Walking
c. Pathscape. Or the man that only eats, sleeps, and walks.
d. Daniel Dyamo/The Road
e. Dierdre Heddon/Walking Library
f. Donkeyxote – Ephemeral Footsteps
g. Stijn / Stiner / Steiner / Organization man

2. Name one person you’d like to take a walk with.
a. My daughter when she can walk herself.
b. Dorothy Wordsworth and Bishop Desmond Tutu
c. Francis Alys
d. Borges on a path that goes two ways
e. Virginia Woolf
f. Take a “long” walk you mean? Werner Herzog. I already invited him – he kindly replied that he was unfortunately busy and wished us good luck.
g. Baden Powell

3. Ugg boots or clogs?
a. No doubt, clogs!
b. Clogs
d. boots
e. Clogs
f. Clogs for city – boots for everywhere
g. Clogs

4. Anywhere you’d rather be walking than Belgium?
a. I prefer hills/mountains to walk.
b. Yosemite
c. Iceland
d. India
e. Scotland
f. Grzo in Corsica
g. Scandinavia

5. Slow mail or email?

a. Smoke signals
b. Email
c. Email
d. Email
e. Email
f. Email
g. Slow mail

6. What book would you like to have read to you after a long day of walking?
a. Momo by Michael Eude
b. London Review of Books
c. Tao Te Ching
d. Die Dialektik Der Natuur -Engels
e. A Hundred Places – Thomas A. Clarke
f. Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese One
g. Utopia – Thomas Moore

7. To document or not to document?
a. A good process should come first and maybe as a bonus it can be followed by good documentation.
b. Not
c. To document with editing and filtering.
d. To document.
e. To document
f. To document in real time, not to reiterate the action
g. Not to document

8. How many times have you actually fulfilled your dishwashing duties during this festival?

a. Whenever my name was listed
b. More often but then again my name was on the list more than anyone else.
c. More than my share!
e. Once
f. Everyday my personal dishes, 4 times the collective ones
g. Every time (…0 times)

Bonus question: Do you believe in eternal life?
a. …after Sideways?
b. Living forever would only be tiresome if getting old was a prerequisite
c. For me, yes. For you, no.
d. I believe in eternal damnation.
e. No
f. I believe in immortality
g. I hope, but…well…uh…yea, I believe.


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