walkie-talkie too


‘walkie-talkie too’ is the second walking event of the Walking Artists Network, established in order to aid/enable/force those who use walking in their practice to come together and think and talk and walk. All are welcome, however you do your walking – as an artist, commuter, ecologist, geographer, hiker, historian, urban planner, or just for the pleasure of it – please come along and add your feet and thoughts.
There is no pre-defined content or agenda beyond the goals of connecting with fellow walkers and sharing ideas – it will be about whatever the participants want to discuss, debate or try out on the day. We hope that the Sideways artists and symposium participants will bring ideas from the walk across Belgium, and from their individual creative practices and academic disciplines to investigate collaboratively.
We’ll begin the day with a short ‘open-space’ workshop to identify a range of themes, points for discussion and areas of common interest, and then take those ideas out for a walk – regrouping to share and document the results. These might be theoretical, philosophical, practical, experimental and argumentative (or any combination of these). The first ‘walkie-talkie’ (held in London in July 2011) generated walks and discussions around micro-navigation, slowness, getting lost, dead-ends and unpromising pathways and much more.
After a break for food we’ll hold a second ‘open space’ workshop, to extend and develop thoughts from the morning and bring in new ideas; we’ll then repeat the process from the morning – going out and walking and talking, returning to document and share the results.


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